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Rusty Ford Model Box
Destroyer Escort Boating Scene
Workbench Sailboat in Drydock
US Navy Gun Midget Sub on Deck

Welcome to The Modeler's Art
A World of Three-Dimensional Moments in Time

Your host at THE MODELER'S ART, Richard Melillo, has been building models in one form or another for more than 45 years—from a childhood love of model-building to work at the movie studios and with model manufacturers and then model paint companies. He developed new paint lines and historically accurate colors as Vice-President and General Manager of Floquil-Polly S Color Corporation and served as president of the Model Railroad Industry Association. His lifelong involvement in the hobby industry took him on a journey through all aspects of model building: railroads, planes, cars, boats, armor, and everything in between.

His artistic vision centers around each object’s unique history, and the way the scaled-down object can become a realistic three-dimensional replica of an authentic moment in time. Capturing those moments in time is about interpreting the life of the object as it might really have existed in history, in memory, or even in the creative mind of the viewer. How to achieve that artistry is what Richard shares on this site and through the prototypes and professional models he builds for manufacturers and collectors alike. Find out how he does it on the Techniques page and check out the Services page to see how you can benefit from Richard’s expertise!

Fishing Boat Spring Refit Stagecoach Team
Ford on Flatbed Trailer Ship’s Gun in Process
Radio-Controlled Tuna Boat Midget Sub HA-20
Under Sail Torpedo DMA-37
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