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Put The Modeler’s Art to Work for You!

Photo: Model Manufacturer's Display

If you are a manufacturer looking for new, authentic designs with fully researched background information to include in a new kit, this website is for you. References are available along with work samples/photos according to your needs. If you are a collector or private client for professional model-building services, please inquire here, as well. Fees are based on complexity of the build, time and materials. All shipping is done in custom-built crates that protect and cushion the completed model.

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If you are a retailer interested in building more business, contact Richard now to take advantage of his three decades of experience in the hobby industry. From new promotions to on-site seminars, Richard can provide consulting know-how and hands-on help to build your business. If you are interested in hosting a seminar series to attract new model builders to your shop, please suggest a time period that works for you.

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Photo: Models at Show
Photo: Rusty Ford Scale Model

If you are a modeler, experienced or new, this website is for you, as well. Richard is especially interested in helping the novice have more fun, and to feel a sense of learning and accomplishment.  So don’t hesitate to ask, even if you are a raw beginner: Richard will help you go “beyond the box” to create models with artfulness and creativity.

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The Modeler's Art is located in Southern California, USA. You may contact Richard any time via Thank you for your interest in The Modeler's Art and for your dedication to artistic model-making!

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